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In 2022 I embarked on a lifelong dream to learn the piano and quickly fell in love with composing my own music. You'll find some of it below:

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Desert Blooming

This piece is inspired by the rare phenomenon when high rainfall in desert environments causes a mass blooming of dormant plants. The incredible, bountiful display of colour and life feels like pure magic, showing that even in the harshest of environments, the power and wonder of nature and its cycles continue to flourish in spite of global human interference. It is an event to capture the imagination of anyone who witnesses it and remind us of the joy that life can bring!


The music also inspired my illustrated collection of the same name. You can find all of the prints and cards in my shop.

Desert Blooming by Ruth Thorp, mixed and engineered by Patrick Carpenter.

Desert Blooming hummingbird illustration by Ruth Thorp
Desert Blooming illustarted Art Prints by Ruth Thorp
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