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Sarah Thorp Fitness

Sarah Thorp specialises in sports fitness and conditioning for dance and offers a range of services including group classes, personal training, private dance lessons and nutritional advice.

Logo design, branding and marketing materials for 'Personal Trainer and Dance Specialist' Sarah Thorp.

Logo Design

Business Cards

Social Media Banners


Print Design

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Sarah required a number of logos for her brand, including a core 'Sarah Thorp' base logo and additional extended 'dance' and 'fitness' logos to fit with the two sides of her business. She has also developed classes with trademarked names which would need their own specific logos. I started with the 'Sarah Thorp' design. The balance of the five letter names worked well enabling me to stack them one on top of the other. The central 'o' in 'Thorp' provided me with an excellent opportunity to create a target in the centre - playing on the fitness and dance services sarah offers in 'reaching targets' and 'targeted training. The stacked logo enabled me to extend or shorten it depending on the intended purpose and the bold 'THORP' portrays strength.


For the class logos I maintained the stacked lettering and fonts of the main company logos whilst adding specific design references for each. The 'Sport Fit' design plays on the idea of a thrown or bouncing ball by using a dropped and filled in perfect circle for the 'o'. The 'Fit' in the 'Barre Fit' logo has been made to look like a ballet bar by extending the horizontal top lines of the 'F' and 'T'. The shortened 'I' in both logos and consistent font size and weight provides a cohesive and unified approach across the brand.


The bright pink and green portray a vibrant, fresh, strong brand which is full of energy and positivity - a perfect representation of Sarah's character and services.

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As her business has progressed I have produced designs for a number of branded marketing materials including business cards, digital and printed banners, block booking cards and clothing. The 'target' can be used at different scales and in repeat patterns, with the different logos, brand colours, type layout and horizontal lines being used to create a coherent graphic brand across all products and materials.

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Ruth Thorp Logo
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