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Wedding Invitations

Design and production of day and evening wedding invitations for a winter wedding.

Originally inspired by my 'Lovebird' cards, the design had to be simple, bold and fun.


I used a lovely contemporary hand-drawn font as there was a big focus on trying to make their guests feel as relaxed and informal as possible and combined this with a simple red heart motif to provide an accent colour on each design.


On opeing the invite, just their names were visible against a lovely red insert, with the rest of the information sitting below the envelope line.


Graphic Design


Print and Production

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The Squawks never fail to make me laugh and the invention of new characters and their silly situations keeps me constantly entertained.

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Materials  //  With the bold, minimalist design, the choice of beautiful, high quality papers, cards and envelopes was particulaly important and helped to tie all of the different elements together whilst sticking to a refined colour palette of red, white and grey. We wanted to keep information on the invites to a minium, so the red envelope insert I designed doubled as instructions on how to get to the venue as well as complementing the red heart motif and providing a bold background to the textured white invite on opening.

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